My Dog Has Diarrhea With Some Blood In Her Stool, And "Lymphoma" Type Bumps On Her Back?


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Unfortunately all these symptoms are directing towards a serious disease that is cancer. These lumps are nothing other than cancerous tumors. In this disease these symptoms are very common. It is better if you take your pet to some great vet as soon as possible. There is nothing much you can do to comfort your pet. Its treatment involves chemotherapy and radiations. But do not lose hope. You will have to get its tests Biopsy to confirm this fatal disease. There are many homeopathic medicines also which can help your pet without showing side effects. So when disease is diagnosed start homeopathic medicines along with other treatment as well.
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Get your dog to a vet asap! My dog has lymphosarcoma and is being treated on a weekly basis.. With treatment and early remission longevity is good but untreated the outcome could be different . Please don't wait and have your dog seen.

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