How Do I Home Groom (cut Hair) My Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog?


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Okay well you can get a set, it really is easy to do to you just got to make sure that your dog is clam and relaxed with you. Even if your dogs are calm you want someone else there to hold your dogs mouth and always make sure you have the safety guard on the sheers because you could cut the dog and he/she will be in pain (could die [depends how bad the cut]) and your dog will not trust you after that.
Tell them that they are good talk and encourage your dog as you cut, it sounds funny but if you are clam and okay with that they can tell by your voice never sound scared because they will become scared.
and give them a treat after! =)
It is not that hard I'm 14 and I cut my dogs fur and she is a Shitz Tuz
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You really shouldn't have to cut a border collie's hair, just make sure you comb/brush it to get the dead hair out. And, I've had poodles for the last 30 years, and have always cut thier hair, which will continue to grow if it isn't cut. I have never had to have anyone hold their mouth - or anything. And, I've had several giant standards, as well as miniatures. Just talk to the dog, and reassure it. I have never been bitten, or even snipped at. Never once has any of my dogs even growled at me. If you teach your dog to stand, best on a table, its easier. You can either use clippers, or scissor cut, which takes a lot longer.
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