What Does An English Bulldog And German Shepherd Mix Look Like?


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English bulldog and German shepherd mixture.

The offspring of an English bulldog and a German shepherd look more like German Shepherds, but have the stout body shape of the English bulldog.

This is by no means a very popular or common mixed breed of dog, but it has been produced on occasions.

What do these dogs look like?
  • They possess a face that resembles that of a German shepherd, but the long and narrow facial features of that breed are reduced.
  • This mixed breed's coat is a lighter shade of the color of the German shepherd's.
  • Normally, this mixture does not have the long tail which is normally associated with a German shepherd, but one more like that of an English bulldog.
  • Their overall body shape is more akin to an English bulldog's than to the German shepherd's.
  • They are small but powerful little dogs.

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