What's Gestation Period For Dachshunds?


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I own a dachshund that just had a litter of pups. She was pregnant for just 63 days. I hope this helps.
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Generally, a dog will carry for about 10 weeks. Hope this helps.
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Time between conception & delivery.   This precious dachshund was given to me & I didn't know she was pregnant.  I will not abort because I don't believe that way.
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The average gestation period for dogs is usually 60-65 days. Dogs give birth to puppies after nine to ten weeks. The "gestation period" in dogs varies in according to variation in their breeds.

In gestation period you should take care of its diet. It needs more energy. People get their dogs spayed in early period of gestation. The "gestational age" can take 3 weeks or more. This whole process is divided into three phases till delivery of puppies takes place.
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While raising dogs for 40 + yrs., I've found that a female can carry her puppies from 58 to 63 days. 99% of the time, my females have their puppies right on the 60th. day. I'd "never" have a dog spayed while she was pregnant unless it was a matter of life and death. We humans breed our dogs and it's totally our responsibility to take care of them.....before and after birth!!!

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