What Is The Usual Gestation Period For A Mini Doberman Pincher And How Many Pups Are Usually Born In The First Litter ?


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Normal gestation for all dogs is 60 - 63 days, otherwise picksmommy has it right.
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We are not sure of the date our min pin got pregnant as she was in Illinois, but as far as we can determine, it has been around 68 to 71 days. She is showing no signs of going into labor and we are wondering if we should take her to the vet at this time to be checked. (she traveled by air in coach last month from Ill. And had no adverse effects from the travel) She is very round and her nipples are full but we are worried about the length of time she has been pregnant. We are sure she was pregnant all of March and April and now it is May10th. She has had a previous litter of 4 pups.
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Well I am the owner of a minpin and she carried her puppies was 60 days I believe and she had 5 puppies they were small except  one the ruint turned out to be the biggest he was bigger than her and the rest of the pups.good luck with your pups ..ihave had mine for nine years and she is a joy and a nightmare ...but we love her.
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The gestation period for a dog is approximately 42 days. The normal litter for a small dog that weighs less than 12 pounds is 2-4.
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First of all they are not Mini "Doberman" Pinschers. They are Miniature Pinschers or Min Pins. The Min Pin is not related to the Doberman Pinscher at all. The gestation is 58 to 65 days.

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