How Long Is The Gestation Period Of A Female Walrus?


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The walrus breeding season is in winter with the male walrus or bull, fighting other bulls to establish his harem or a group of female walruses. The female walrus known as cow gives birth on land though the gestation period is a long one as the fertilized egg does not start developing but remains dormant for a long time a period which may extend for 4 to 5 months at a stretch.

The development process of the fertilized egg takes about 11 months while the overall gestation period is of about 15 to 16 months. The long gestation period ensures that the calf would not be born in times when the food is scarce. The cows give birth usually in the month of April or May during the northward migration of the Walrus. At a time only one calf is born usually on ice packs and the nursing period often extends up to 2 years. The reproductive rate of walruses is low with the cow giving birth only once in 3 years

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