I Am Looking For A Small Brown Curly-Haired Dog That Will Not Get Any Bigger Than Approx. 10 Lbs?


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I think your best bet is checking out either the poodle or terrier breed.

Both of these breeds are fairly small, and can come in a variety of colors - including brown.

They also tend to have rather cute and curly coats, and certainly won't grow to much over 10 pounds (unless you overfeed it!).

Small, curly-haired, brown dog If you're looking for a cute and cuddly little dog, the poodle is certainly a popular choice.

A brown toy poodle would be a good option, and there are a whole bunch of community sites dedicated to this miniature breed.

One I'd recommend checking out for more information about all things toy poodle is thetoypoodle.com.

Small dogs with curly fur The terrier breed is another suggestion I would look into. Some of the following are terrier-types that fit the criteria you were looking for:

If terriers aren't your thing- you may also want to consider the Bichon Frise.

Although they are more commonly white, rather than brown- I would consider this breed an adorable addition to any home!
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A Chocolate Cockapoo.
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Well my friend has a shipoo (Pomeranian miniature poodle mix) and its extremely curly fur comes in white - black - brown - Gray  different shades of each color and she is 5 years old so full grown and weighs about 8 pounds I think

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There is a dog named as Australian terrier. It's really beautiful, having curly brown hair.

Its weight is not more than 10 Lb. Even its height is 10-11.

Its life expectancy rate is twelve to fourteen years!

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