What Is The Nicest Chicken Breed You Know Of That Is Not Protective And Is Very Friendly? I Am Getting A Pair Of Hens Soon And Would Like To Know What The Friendliest Kind Is. I Am Not Looking For An Egg Layer. Just A Hen That Will Live In A Coop


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I have Buff Orpingtons and Australorps and Rhode Island reds. They are all very friendly and if I sit down they fight over who is getting in my lap! I hand raised mine so I have been a constant figure in their lives, and they look at me as part of the flock. If you get hens, you'll get eggs, all of mine are excellent layers and laid well through the winter too.
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Anastasia (nickname: Anya)
How nice! Yes, that is a very nice thing, as well as getting undivided attention from the flock. You are very lucky to have such sweet hens!
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One of my Australorps is setting on twelve eggs right now. So around the 21st, I should have new additions to my flock! I built a small holding pen for her and the babies when they hatch so the rest of the flock and my rooster doesn't go after the babies. I notice you have a horse on your picture. I have a leopard Appaloosa mare too. She's beautiful. Good luck with your hens.
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I've heard Buckeyes are supposed to be sweeter than Rhode Island Reds. Check out some heritage breed sites. There are a lot of breeds out there. I love Rhode Island Reds, but there are a ton more to love.
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Try a rhode island red..ours are soo friendly,they know there names and come when called.also we can pick a couple of them up..they are sooo funny..
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Anastasia (nickname: Anya)
They sound like they are little clowns!
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Yes they are so funny..we love them...very friendly..the rooster comes up onto our deck 5 ft above ground..they can be brats..if i go out they come running thinkin i have a treat for them..silly chickens:)
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A lot of people told me that rhode island reds are aggressive breeds but the ones that I have( hens and egg layers) are very nice and stay close to me when I'm out side. I think when you get a pair of chickens you should get chicks and handle them a lot so they warm up to you!

Hope this helps!

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