Is There A Supplement To Increase A Dog's Appetite?


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The best thing to do is to take your dog on a good long walk - 30 minutes at least. Then offer her food sometime within the next two hours. Don't let her manipulate you by refusing food so that you offer her something nicer. She will eat almost anything when she is hungry enough.
Remember - it takes a LONG time for a dog to starve - she can easily go two days without food. Do not worry so much - she is enjoying the attention.
For example: My mother always insisted her dog would only eat chicken. I can tell you that after two days of refusing regular dog food, he would give in and eat it when staying with us. I love dogs but there is no way I am being treated like a dog's personal chef!
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There are many supplements available in the market that can increase a Dog's appetite and help you keep your pet more healthy such as
Natural Balance. You can also review different types of food supplements specifically for increasing a dog's appetite at the link below:

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