How Does A Chameleon Adapt To Its Environment?


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Chameleons are capable of changing colour in order to camouflage themselves in the presence of a potential predator. They move very slowly and tend to keep perfectly still and blend into their environment. The adaptations help chameleon's survive in some very hostile environments!

The adaptations of chameleons

Chameleons actually communicate with each other by subtle colour changes, and colour changes help the chameleon regulate their body temperature as lighter colours reflect and darker colours absorb heat.

Chameleons are small lizards best known for their adaptations and there are around 100 different types ranging between 2 inches and 2 feet in length.

Chameleons are normally found in trees where they very skillfully hunt for insects.

The tongue of a chameleon can extend to one and a half times the length of its body so it can shoot it's tongue accurately and over a great distance in order to catch food not in its immediate area. They don;t even have to leave their tree to get water, they get enough to drink by licking rain and dew drops off leaves.

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