How Does A Black Panther Protect Its Self Against Predators ?


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By hiding away behind  dark place or at night so no other animals can see him he will camouflage itself and pounce on the victim !!
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Normally by being stealthy and staying hidden. If it is attacked it will fight very viciously.
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A black panther is a black or "melanistic" Leopard or Jaguar. Every once in a great while the genes which dictate one of these cat’s color pattern mutates and supplies them with more black pigment (or melanin) than others of their species, making them appear solid black. However, if you got up close and personal with one of these cats, you could see the mottled spotting beneath the somewhat sheer shroud of black surface color.

Black leopard

Black jaguar

If it is a leopard, a hyena or a lion might attack it to steal a kill from it and baboons might attack it (though, a fierce challenge without contact would be more likely) because baboons and Leopards are bitter enemies and because the leopard is a threat to the female and smaller baboons. In the face of a lion or hyena, the leopard would run and scale the nearest tall vertical tree. In the face of a baboon (a large male, that is) the leopard would probably avoid confrontation, if possible, but he would have to outrun a baboon (not difficult for a leopard) as baboons are great climbers. The baboon, though very formidable, would be more interested in evicting the leopard from the area where his fellow band or tribe members lived than actually coming in contact with him, as the leopard is quite formidable, too. As long as the leopard gave way, the baboon would eventually leave as well to return to the company of the other baboons. Of course, push comes to shove, the baboon is usually no match for a leopard. Leopards hunt adult baboons. Adult baboons only hunt baby leopards.


If it is a Jaguar, a resident of Central and South America, the only thing impressive enough in size, might or aggression to attack him would be a crocodile or a human. A jaguar would not likely be attacked by a croc, as they are very weary, have good vision, sense of smell and are smarter than croc’s usual prey. As far as being attacked by humans, Jaguars are very elusive and nocturnal. Humans rarely get a chance at them unless they are specifically hunting them, in which case he will opt to avoid them. His hearing, night vision and sense of smell quite leave the human senses in the dust, so to speak, and evasion from that hunt is not usually difficult for him. The biggest threat that the human poses to Jaguars is destruction and intrusion upon their habitat.

Big cats need large areas to survive without clashing with humans and other big cats (or competing predators, in the case of a leopard) over food, mating rights and territory.

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