How Much Does A Chameleon Weigh?


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Chameleons are extraordinary animals known for their ability to change colors. They possess unique characteristics that make them different from other species. Most chameleon weight between 7 to 10 pounds, depending on their length and size. Aside from changing colors to blend with their environment, they can also make themselves longer to resemble a twig or a stick.

Earlier studies believed that male and female chameleons change color as a defense mechanism. They change their coloring when they’re threatened and need to blend with their environment as a form of camouflage. However, recent studies proved that this is not the case. According to scientists, chameleons change color as a response to the temperature and lighting of their environment. In addition, they also change colors according to their current mood.

Colors of male and female chameleons vary greatly. There are species that change only to a single color like brown while others change into more vibrant shades such as pink, green, and even red. Excitement also make them change from plain to one with stripes and patterns. If the chameleon is sleeping or sick, it turns into a very pale shade.

Perhaps you’re wondering if this one of a kind display of colors is visible to the whole body of a chameleon. Well, scientists observed they’re most visible in specific body parts such as the head, neck, throat, and legs.

Chameleons don’t really weight much since they grow up to 10 pounds only considering their size. Their body length varies from an inch to approximately 27 inches. Some species have bigger males and smaller females. Their body is so flexible that they can also change their shape to blend with their surroundings. Their sharp claws and tail allow them to climb trees and hold on to branches. When threatened, they puff themselves to look bigger and scare off predators.
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Chameleon's weight will depend on its age and size. But normally the average chameleon weighs around 7 to 10 pounds.
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7 to 10 lbs.
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A chameleon's weight is about 7 to 10 pounds! I'm not lying I have one at home and he's about 8 pounds and my girl chameleon is about 11 pounds because she is going to have a baby chameleon!


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