What Type of Food is Good for Your Dogs?


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For veggies and fruits I would recommend apples, bananas, and spinach. Your dog will enjoy this hopefully, aside from just being nutritious and healthy. There are more of these examples here. I also saw that my dogs really enjoy having chicken, peanut butter, yogurt, and eggs. You could try these foods if you are looking for such.

Occasionally give your dog some dry kibble too aside from the wet food. I realised the best way to feed my pets with consistency is by using an automatic pet feeder for them because that way i just set food times, portions and boom! Provided food is in the dispenser they will get fed even when am not around. It works well for both wet and dry food.

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Dogs have very little capacity for digesting unprocessed fruit and vegetables, feed them little and infrequently.
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First of all, it's individual and there is no one best food for dogs. Quality of the food depends on the size and age of the dog in question, its physical condition, and whether it has any specific health issues. Do you agree? Speaking about dogs, I can recommend Canadian Pharmacy, I always buy pet meds there, as sometimes it's not that easy to find good meds in offline pharmacies. 

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A puppy can be a great addition to any home, but regardless of whether you are an experienced home parent or a newbie, it is important to maintain the health and safety of your furry friend as a priority. Below are some helpful tips for all dog parents, but a great addition to an adult dog is guide to invisible dog fences in 2020

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