Can I Transfer My Pet Goldfish Into My Pond?


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In short, yes, you are able to transfer your goldfish to your pond, but there are several things you must consider when deciding whether to and how you transfer them.
Firstly, you can be reassured that, even if your goldfish have lived in a tank for all their lives, they will survive in a pond. They are naturally wild creatures and will be able to find food in the form of algae so should lead well-fed lives. Also, temperature-wise, again, they are fairly well adjusted naturally to the cold water of a pond, but care must be taken in winter if your pond is at risk of freezing over.
However, a word of caution. In a tank, your goldfish have no natural predators (unless you have housed them with fish that eat other fish, but I imagine if you had you'd have found that out by now). When placed in a pond outside, they can be eaten by any number of creatures including other fish, ducks, herons or other birds. Your fish may not naturally fear a predator so would be at risk of making a fish supper for a greedy heron. Therefore, you may need to invest in a net to put over your pond to deter the heron or duck. You may also need to remove any other potentially predatory fish.
To transport your fish, put your fish in a doubled plastic bag or bowl containing a sufficient amount of water from the tank. If it is a short journey, a bag will be fine. A long journey of over two hours and a pump will be needed to circulate oxygen. Leave the fish in the bag or bowl in the pond for an hour or two so it can acclimatize, then it should be fine.
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You can transfer these fish to your pond. The fact that you already have fish in it shows that conditions are suitable. You need to accustom the tank fish gradually to the temperature and state of the pond water by slowly adding pond water to whatever suitable container you can float in the pond. The container already containing the fish in enough of their tank water. Keep them shaded while you do this. Ideally you need to take a couple of hours over this, and then you can gently let them swim out into the pond.
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The main problem is that fish are cold blooded!

This can easily be solved by putting them in a big zip lock bag with both air and water! Then put that SEALED bag in your pond and let it set for a while, and by doing this the bags water will slowly adjust it's temperature match the ponds.

At this time you will be able to release the fish into the pond without them entering shock from the immediate and sudden temp change!
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I introduced eight 2" goldfish into my outdoor pond. They lasted less than a week thanks to a snapping turtle who must have thought he had died and gone to turtle heaven.
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Here is a page that talks about this subject in detail. And talks of many more topics that have to do with care of a beta .
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Hey I don't think you can put Bettas with anything else. I have had fishes all my life and a couple of years ago I got a betta and put it with my goldfish (really peaceful) the betta will not allow them to even swim around him.
You might want to try a see how the betta responds. I don't thing there will be an issue with the goldfish they will just get close looking for food. It might work since it is a pond. The betta can create his space maybe hide. But just check that he does not come and attack the other ones.
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So what are the best ways to put my goldfish into a pond ? Help
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Thanks for your reply, I think I'll put it in a plastic bag in it's
fishbowl water and put it in the pond and see what happens.
That way I can get it out easily if I have to.

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I'm calling the RSPCA or Rolf Harris, what are you? Some kind of devil woman or something. What on earth possesses you to think of such an inhuman ritual. Go and slaughter some small children or something instead of carrying out acts of such cruelty on innocent goldfish. Ask yourself what have they done to deserve this or you? All they have done is offered fish love and this is how you repay them. A dirty great pond!! Well done and I hope your proud.
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You are so annoying arent u??? Its his bussiness!! Dont peek your nose in!!
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Actualy a properly cared-for pond is clean. And goldfish came from such conditions. Theres nothing wrong with putting a goldfish into a pond.

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