Will Sulphur Hurt My Cats And Dogs? I Want To Control Snakes.


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Will sulphur hurt my cats or dogs?

There is a chance that putting sulphur down in your garden will hurt your cats and dogs. Although small doses will not be lethal, it is best to avoid using sulphur in a home with pets or children whenever possible.

There are plenty of alternative ways to control snakes in your garden, so it would be wise to consider other options.

Many homeowners feel that just one method will not be sufficient to get rid of snakes, but a combination of two or more will certainly make an improvement.

Cutting the lawn:
By keeping your lawn short and neat, it's possible to discourage snakes from your back yard. Snakes prefer long grass that they can hide in, so if there is no long grass around, then they are less likely to venture into your garden in the first place.

Removing piles of debris:
Snakes like to reside in built-up piles of old wood, bark and chippings. Removing any debris that could be used as a warm, dark place for the snakes to live in helps to reduce the number of them in your garden.

Removing their food:
Most snakes will feed on stray rodents in your garden. Setting your cats on the rodents, investing in rodent traps or even phoning pest control will lessen the snakes' food supply. If there is no food available in your garden, then snakes are less likely to visit.

Sealing up the house:
While you are in the process of setting up your snake control methods, it is important to ensure that any access points into your house are sealed up. In particular, check the foundations of the building for any holes.

Alternatives to sulphur have proved to be an efficient way of controlling snakes. Pet owners are advised to avoid using sulphur where necessary.

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