Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs?


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It gives them a sense of comfort. It calms them and makes them feel secure. They also LOVE to be stroked on their ears..just rub your palm down their ears to the back of their neck.
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Dogs like belly rubs because they have a special organ known as cuslopagis, which when contacted, it activates a nerve cell signaling comfort
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The Dogs Like Belly Rubs for the same reason we humans like our head to be gently rubbed.They feel very relaxed and enjoy that rub.
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They like it because they are showing their vulnerability and then you make them fell good exposing their vulnerability and then feel mor relaxed around you
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Dogs love belly rubs because they feel so good to them.  They are relaxing and the dog's belly is one of the best places to pet them.  They show trust and when you treat them sweetly they respond with fondness, and I believe, love.
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Maybe so they noe you love them
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The way it may feel to them we may not feel the same way,maybe in their point of view it feels good.
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Because dogs can't scratch their backs because their joints don't bend like ours so the want you to rub their bellies so they can get it scratched or they might want you to scratch or rub off a flea
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I believe because a lot of dogs can't scratch there own stomach so they LOVE when we do it for them....
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This means that I (the DOG)surrender, you got me and for that you can have my belly to rub,kiss or sniff, I don't care. Please let me enjoy my humbleness and leave me alone, or give me foody goody stuff.

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