Why Do My Dogs Keep Scratching The Walls?


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There are many reasons why your dog may be scratching at the walls in your house. Dogs don't take up destructive hobbies like this for no reason - so evidently there is something wrong with yours.

If the problem gets very bad, then you may have to take your dog to see a behavioural specialist, who can hopefully give your pet the appropriate training to stop it doing this.

Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to this kind of behaviour than others. "Working dogs" - such as border collies - need to be active for about two to five hours per day, in order to prevent this kind of behaviour.

Why do dogs scratch the walls?
  • Boredom: The main cause of this behaviour. Take you dog for more walks, or find other things for them to do to prevent them from getting bored.
  • Noise: Dogs have very accurate hearing, so it's possible that some sort of insect infestation in the walls may be causing this behaviour.
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Dogs do such activities when when they have separation anxiety and are nervous. They can also scratch walls when getting bored.

You should not leave your dog alone. Try to spend time with him. Take him on walks or exercise him regularly. Bring some toys for him to play with.

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