Shi Tzu Has Hard Stomach, Won't Walk?


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Elaine Vellianitis Profile
If your dogs stomach is hard, then it may have Bloat. If it does have Bloat (Twisted Stomach) and you don't get your dog to your vet NOW, it can die. Bloat will kill your dog in no time, so you have to move fast! Just drop whatever it is that you are doing and get your dog to an Emergency Vet if your regular vets office is closed. They are open 24/7! This is a situation that you really need to take very seriously. The more time you wait, the less chance of recovery your dog has. Bloat is a very painful way for a dog to die, so please get your dog the help it needs. Not being able to walk is another thing to be concerned about and may be related to the hard stomach.

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