Why Doesn't My Dog Pee With His Leg Up?


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I'm pretty sure there is nothing to worry about, a lot of male dogs pee like that. My old dog did the same thing but he would switch off every now and then he would pee differently, I thought it was because if he REALLY had to pee he would do it like a girl, or if he had to pee, but it wasn't bad, he would hike and do it right. Sometimes younger dogs need the balance or are just not ready, your dog is probably nutered, and that's common for netuered dogs, as there are less harmmones giving them that urge, I don't really know it could be a territorial thang, BUT I'm not for sure
-----hope it helps
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There's nothing with your dog it's just that some dogs do it differently
If he is still a pup or resides with all female dogs perhaps this could be why...a lot of male pups often squat to urinate...as do the older males.   No worriesā™„
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My male Shih Tzu Benjie is nearly 2 years old and he has only ever cocked his leg a few times and that was before he turned 1! He seemed to think he was great doing it for a few days then all of a sudden he stopped and started squating again and has done so ever since!
Is this common for male Shih Tzu's? As at times i worry that there is something wrong with him!
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This is normal until he gets older then he will do it to mark his territory all the time
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Some males never relieve themselves with their leg up. I've been a breeder of Shih-tzu's for 20 years and it doesn't mean they won't later, but some never do.
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My dog is 2 and he barely lifts his leg which causes him to pee on his front paws.  Any advice how to teach him to lift higher?
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My male boston terrier does the same thing, but it gets frustrating because he urinates all over his chest and legs when he squats :(
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Mine is 3, a big dog, he never has peed with his leg up! It really aggravates me because he pees all over his feet, it is disgusting! I have no clue why he doesn't pee like a real dog, there are no female in my home. He doesn't bark, either.
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My dog doesnt lift his leg either. I thought my dog was just gay because we got him fixed. I feel much better now that I know its normal
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You have got to be kidding me. Ok ONLY boy dogs pee with legvup and ONLY girl dogs pee with their leg down and I'm no mind reader but chances are you have a girl dog.

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