How Can I Tell How Old A Baby Kitten Is?


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Are their eyes open? If not they are only a few days old--go to the store and get the kitten milk stuff because they need that for a while--the can tells you how long to feed it to them--if you can take them to the vet
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Well they have their eyes open. And they are pretty active, but they are very small. My boyfriend found them abandoned and we are tryin to take care of them. but thanks for the help :)
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They still might need that special milk stuff
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You can get some cat milk, or lactose free milk and give to the kittens . Also you can give them some baby food to eat, then try giving them some moist food, if need be prime the so called pump by force feeding them a small amount of cat food from the back of a spoon handle then watch them go to town on their own!!!!

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