Can Hamsters Die Of Boredom?


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Oh yes they can. Boredom = depression = overeating, self harm (chewing paws, scratching etc.). So, ultimately your hamster may die from obesity or from infection, but the underlying cause could indeed be boredom. If you are unsure, there are a host of better sites on the Internet where you will find more detailed information. Alternatively, ask your veterinarian.
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Yes hamsters kan die of bordom they will self mutilate and sumtimes may even become very aggresive all animals should b given the option of sumthing to do for there mental health . How would u enjoy being stuk in a small cage 24 7 with nuthing buu a bowl of food and water to entertain u
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Well I don't know about boredom, but yes, they can die from reasons like..not getting attention, not being fed, left alone to often, over feeding, and if you don't clean out their cage..well they can get very sick and die from that to.
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No HAmsters can not die from boredom.
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Thats why they need the wheel.
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They don't die of boredom but their health worsens if they do nothing, just sleep and eat.
Their feet paralyse and they die of strokes or heard attack earlier than normally

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