How Much Does It Cost To Buy Mastiff Puppies?


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Mastiff puppies vary in price, depending on their specific breed, as well as how much time has been spent training them prior to their purchase. In the United States, lists Mastiffs from between $700 to $1500. English Mastiff puppies from a family farm in Ohio are the cheapest, at $700, while socialized, well-trained female Mastiffs from Illinois are the most expensive, at $1800. In between are 7 month old female Mastiffs from Utah, raised among children, currently listed at $1200.

In the United Kingdom, it is possible to buy Mastiff puppies from approximately £200, although it is more common to see them listed in the £600 to £800 range. The cheapest Mastiff puppies on sale in the UK and listed on the internet (in The Sun's classified section) are currently in the Cardiff area by a private breeder and are on sale for as low as £150. There are also two month old Mastiffs on sale in the Bristol area, for £250.
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There's a farm outside of Kewanee, Illinois that parts with their English Mastiff puppies for $500. They come with their first sets of puppy shots and their papers from the CKC. If you want to AKC register later you can. I got a pup from them, and she is excellent quality, lots of bone, growing well and no health problems in the parents who are onsite at the farm. Sometimes a pup is returned for whatever reason and may no longer have papers because the people don't bring those back, so they give a $100 discount on the pup with no papers. :D Hope that helped someone.

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