Dogs Back Right Paw Is Sore And Red In Between The Toes, What's The Matter?


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If there is redness between a dogs toes and it's sore between the dog's paws then it sounds as though your dog may be suffering from a skin condition.

  • Why is only one paw affected?
In some cases skin conditions can affect either the front paws or both the back paws, however in this case you mentioned that only the back right paw seems to be suffering. Due to this, your dog could be dealing with either a fungal infection or something simpler such as a broken toenail or a bug bite. You should attempt to inspect in between the toes of your dog's paw because there may be something embedded in the skin such as broken glass or a splinter. If your dog has been suffering with this for a while then you should seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.

  • What could other causes be?
There is a chance that your dog could have contracted an irritant or allergy which has resulted in their paw being red and sore. With regards to an irritant, your dog could have had a reaction to a floor cleaner or certain product that you put in your garden. It is an idea to possibly wash your dog's foot using appropriate dog shampoo and then rinse it with a mixture of water and vinegar.

In addition to this you may find that your dog has had an allergic reaction from certain bugs such as hookworms. The reason your dog could be feeling this pain is because a hookworm or other parasite has entered the body via the paw. This will then cause the paw to go red and in some cases inflamed. You are likely to notice this if you witness your dog constantly licking their paw.
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My dog's left front paw is red between the pads and he is constantly licking it.There are no cuts or infection that I can see.
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This could be an abrasion, a dermal foreign body, an abscess, laceration, or a mass. A veterinarian should examine all new lumps. They will do a fine needle aspirate to identify the lump. During this procedure a small needle is used to collect cells for examination and identification under the microscope. The treatment depends upon the diagnosis. This is painful for your dog or he would not chew on it. Pain medication will also be given to relieve discomfort.
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It could be a splinter that has gotten infected
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is the dog licking it--try putting some antibiotic ointment people type and don't let dog lick it

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