Where Do Sea Lions Live?


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Sea lions are marine mammals belonging to the order Pinnepedia and the family Otariidae or eared seals. There are in all 5 species of sea lions found mostly in the temperate coastal regions of the world.

The California Sea Lion is found mainly on the Pacific coast of North America as well on several islands in the Northern Pacific Ocean like the Galapagos.

The Steller's sea lion the largest of the sea lions is found in sub Polar Regions in the Northern Pacific Ocean mainly on the Aleutian Islands, in the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska and the Sea of Okhotsk near Russia.

The South American Sea Lions are found in the Southern Pacific Ocean mainly off the coasts of Chile, Peru, and Uruguay with a few being observed on the Argentine coast.

The Australian Sea Lion is a species native to Australia found only on the southern coast mainly on Kangaroo Island.

The New Zealand Sea Lion's range extends mainly from New Zealand to the sub Antarctic islands to its south. The sea lion spends much of its time in shallow water though it frequently comes on land to bask in the sun; it can also dive in deep water in search of prey.
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Pacific and south coast and on many island of the hemisphere
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In the arctic and tropical oceans and the northern and southern hemisphere except the atlantic ocean
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Usually in the oceans.

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