How Deep In The Sea Do Oysters Live?


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Oysters famous for their pearl creating ability are invertebrates known as bivalves included in the group of marine creatures known as mollusks. The oyster is characterized by a hard outer shell which houses the soft body of the creature; the oyster is often found anchored to the sea floor usually in places where sunlight can reach the bottom.

The oyster breathes by way of gills which it also utilizes for separating plankton from the water; the oyster escapes from its predators by snapping the shell shut by way of the adductor muscles.

The oysters are classified in to two groups namely the 'true' oysters which are considered to be a culinary delicacy and the some what larger pearl oysters; oysters of both types are generally found in the sea at depths ranging from 8 to 25 ft (2.5-8 meters) though some kinds can be found as deep as 48 to 64 ft (15-20 meters). In some cases especially in the tropical regions oysters are also found attached to the submerged roots of mangrove trees and may lie exposed during low tides.

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