What Is The Sea Lions Behavior Like?


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In general, sea lions are renowned for their intelligence, their friendly and social behaviors, and their playfulness, combined with barking whenever they feel like it! Sea lions tend to stay together in a small or large group, and behave very well towards each other. When they are at rest, they stay together, and when they float, they float together in a sort of 'raft' formation. They enjoy 'surfing' and riding the waves, and they have also been noticed indulging in playful porpoise-like behavior, of jumping out of the water if they feel like.
These endearing creatures of the wild communicate with each other as well. They use both vocalizations and postures to share messages with each other, and they are quite tactile in their displays. They need to touch, show love, be loved, behave, and stay within a group, much like human beings!

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