Where Can I Find Pictures Of The Mucus Plug At?


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Pictures of the mucus plug can be found in the following places:
  • Google images
  • Most books that deal with the issues of pregnancy and labor
  • Medical websites such as www.i-am-pregnant.com and www.babycenter.com
The cervical mucus plug is an essential part of protecting the baby during pregnancy. It acts as a barrier from bacteria. It does this by placing itself outside the uterus. The mucus during pregnancy is thick and sticky, and when labor is due to start, the mucus can become bloody after blood is released into the cervix. The cervix will dilate once the mucus plug comes out and this normally occurs as extra liquid discharge from the vagina. It can, however be discharged in the form of a lump or a plug. This is normal and the color of the mucus plug can be either red or pink.
A mucus plug can be affected during intercourse towards the end of pregnancy, and this can show as extra bleeding in the build up to pregnancy.
Although the discharge of the mucus plug normally means that labor is due to start, this is not always the case, and some women do not actually go into labor for a few weeks after the discharge of the plug. Some women do not even pass the mucus plug before the onset of labor, and it can take some time to discharge, if this occurs it is nothing to be concerned about, as it can often just appear as extra discharge without being noticed.
If the mucus plug does discharge and there is a lot of blood present, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor or midwife just to make sure that everything is normal with the pregnancy, and that you and the baby are well.

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