How Do You Know If Your Cat Is Pregnant?


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You will definitely start to notice certain changes, including some behavioural changes when your cat is pregnant. Typically, she will start gaining weight and her nipples will begin to grow and turn pinkish, or change colour.

Other symptoms usually include a tendency to vomit along with changes in appetite. Keep in mind that your cat's appetite could either increase or decrease. Typically, your cat might exhibit affectionate behaviour towards you.

You might not be aware of any perceivable changes till about 3-5 weeks. Cats are generally pregnant for roughly 63 to 65 days (that is, 9 weeks). It is always advisable to take your pet to the veterinarian for a check up. Your vet can then guide you on the progress of the pregnancy and any special care that your cat might need.
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If your cat's breasts are starting to swell, her nipples getting larger, as well as her tummy, then chances are she is pregnant.  I suppose a vet could do a test!
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The nipples get larger, the tummy gets fatter, and sometimes the appetite is increased. Hope this helps, good luck to  you and the kitty.
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You will feel bumps on the side of the animal and thats a sign that your cat is pregnant and increasing of eating hope this helps
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After about 3 weeks the pregnant queen's nipples will become pink and her mammary glands will progressively enlarge.  She may show certain behavioural changes.  Your vet can use ultrasound or palpation to conclusively determine pregnancy.  Ultrasound will also be able to tell you how many kittens to expect.
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Your cat is most probably pregnant if her tummy is getting bigger and her nipples are getting big . I pet my cats tummy and she goes to bite me so I know she is pregnant. Your cats gestation period (how long she will be pregnant for) will be between 8-9 weeks
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You may want to take your cat to the vet. She may be pregnant but she also may have worms. The stomach will extend if the cat has worms. You may want to get her fixed because they will abort the kittens. Why would anyone want to bring more unwanted animals into this world when there are so many homeless ones.
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Normally in a pregnant cat, the nipples get both bigger and pinker, and the belly enlarges too. So she could be pregnant  (this lasts about 8 1/2- 9 weeks) but if  she seems to be in pain there could be complications, or she could have something wrong with her. This list of pregnancy signsshould help you to decide if she is pregnant, but if she isn't happy she should probably see a vet anyway.
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You can also watcher her to see if her belly moves cause if she is showing signs of lactating she is nearing birth time, however a lot of cats pregnant the first time may only have 1 or 2 kittens. And yes, a vet visit is a good idea to make sure, like the answer above, is doing well and not having trouble.
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A cat gets pregnant by having sex with another cat (this is all based on assumptions made).
Cat's don't have nipples, they have nippeeles. If you see that your cat has a big belly, it's probably just fat. But if it goes for a poop and you see a kitty come out, then iit was pregnant. Dam it, now I'm stuck with 6 kitties.

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