What Should I Do If A Wood Tick Bite Gets Swollen?


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Be safe, have a doctor look at it, it may be infected and require antibiotics.
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YOU pulled the tick off RIGHT! And the head is still under the dogs skin and infected too!
Next time heat a needle an stick the tick with it three times and leave it alone!
It will back out and go die some where!
Treat the animal with "Advantage" ask how where you get it!
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claudia amaya
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Hay Logic 101 thanks
FYI. The tick was on my daughter not a dog,(lol) and yes I did pull the head off there is nothing left inside.
It's not red but it's getting swollen.
Glen Thornbury
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If this is a KID SORRY! Scrap the top with your finger, and put a bottle of Peroxide on it a then turn it up side down and leave it there a while!
Next the bubbles are cool and you want that! Next AFTER A WHILE pinch the skin REAL deep and squeeze! PUS? I hop so Repeat the other and keep a cotton ball of it on the site! PART IS IN THERE!Tomorrow ANY RED STREAK THE DOCTOR FAST!
"Old Time" Cowboy SORRY!
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Slap some ice on it

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