What Are The Eating Habits Of A Chimpanzee?


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Chimpanzees are omnivorous. Their feeding depends on fruits, leaves, buds, seeds, bark, insects, eggs, and small mammals. The favourite diet of chimpanzees is fruits. They usually spend three to four long hours during the day time for searching fruits. In the evening, they usually feed themselves with young leaves. Male chimpanzees are seen to kill young pigs, monkeys and antelopes for food. During their hunting and collecting foods, chimpanzees use simple tools like stone, stick, damp clothes etc that vary over the regions. It implies that usage of tools by chimpanzee is practically a learned behaviour that they learn over the generations within a particular community set-up.

Research suggests that chimpanzees possess the knowledge of medicinal value of plants. It has been observed in the Gombe National Forest, Tanzania, that a chimpanzee had a medicinal plant called Apilia mossambicensis while he was suffering from digestive problems caused by parasitical intervention. It has been proved that chimpanzees like many other animals know the medicinal significance of plants. To analyse this aspect, a new branch of science has been developed. This is known as zoopharmacognosy.
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Chimpanzees love fruit,sometimes they feed themselves with young leaves, and some male chimpanzees have been seen to kill young pigs.

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