Would It Make My Puppy Sick If She Ate A Snail? Shes Been Throwing Up.


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I would try to keep the puppy away from doing this as the shells could crack up as sharp little bits and cut up the insides of her digestive system while passing through.

So you will save your puppy from pain and agony, your wallet from expensive vet bills and the snails lives! It's a win win win!
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The snail itself would ordinarily not cause vomiting.  Perhaps your pup has been getting into other things as well.  The consumption of uncooked freshwater animals like snails and slugs can lead to infection with certain parasites like Angiostrongylus and Clonorchis.  Angiostrongylus can invade the nervous system and cause meningitis, Clonorchis can invade the bile ducts and predispose to cancer.
I would withdraw all food for 24 hours and only allow water and oral rehydration solutions like lectade.  After 24 hours you can feed a low fat easily digestible meal like cooked chicken and rice.  If all goes well, reindroduce the normal diet over the next 2 days.  If the vomiting persists, or your dog shows any signs of illness like lethargy, depression, or other signs like diarrhoea, you must contact your vet.

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