My cats mouth smells. She has lost so much wait i can feel her spin. She also has bin throwing up black stuff. And shes peeing in the house.please help me?


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TAKE HER TO THE VET! Your cat is VERY sick! She needs treatment. Listen, she could be in a lot of pain. When my cat lost weight, I thought it was because we put him on a diet. Then he died on me. This weight loss is a bad sign, so yes. Take her to the vet as soon as you can. Don't wait and if you don't have the money, go anyway. You can figure out something, but not treating your cat is abuse. You need to take care of her.
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Your kitty needs a vet asap. The bad breath can be a sign of a problem internally. The weight loss is a sign of a problem. The black stuff she is vomiting is most likely old blood meaning your kitty is bleeding internally for some reason. The only way to help your baby is to see a vet asap. I hope your baby is feeling better soon.
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Have her Thyroid checked and see if she has a UTI.  We had this happen to one our cats and it is horrible.  If you catch it in time, she can be treated with medicine that you put on her ears.

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