How Much Imodium AD Can You Give Your Dog Daily"?


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Invest in books that will help in raising and caring for your pet,at least have some knowledge when you can't afford a vet, the books are written by vets and breeders alike and I'm sure you will find them helpful to you and your pet....the best to you
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I would not give your dog human medications unless you talk to your vet. You can try some canned pumpkin, applesauce or add rice to the dogs food to increase the fiber because fiber absorbs liquid and will make the stools less watery.
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The above answer is absurd.  Most "animal" medications are human medications, because there aren't research funds to generate an entire line of pharmaceuticals for animals only.  That being said, imodium is really bad for certain herding breeds.
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None. Human drugs are not made for animals and there are very few that dog's can swallow safely.
Chances are higher you'll make him sicker. Take the dog to the vet if it continues but change to dry food in the meantime.
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Depending on size of dog, give your pharmacist a quick call, they are pretty good even when it comes to giving medication to an animal. That is only if you are unable to reach a vet

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