How Many Calories Should A Dog Intake Daily?


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Divide their ideal weight by 2.2 then multiply that number by 30. Add 70. That is the amount of calories your dog needs per day. Find out how many calories you food has per cup and calculate how much food they need daily. Feed only that amount, and cut back the appropriate amount of food to account for the treats you feed.

Have set feeding times. Leave food out for only 15 minutes and then pick it up. Avoid "weight-control" formulas and the like. They cut the fat and protein, but that does no good whatsoever. Its the CARBS that cause dogs to be overweight, and weight control and senior formulas generally have more carbs than regular food. Go grain-free if you can, if not, find the lowest carb food you can.
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I need the answer for this too, my dogs are looking more like pigs than dogs, what do I do?  They whine and cry if I don't give them treats.
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It's actually quite worth knowing, if you want to prevent an obese pet. Obesity is just as bad for canines as it is for humans.

As a general rule of thumb, a dog weighing 1 kg should eat about 140 calories a day. For each additional half kilogram that the animal weighs, add another 25 calories on. This is the basic expected calorie intake.

Dogs that have an overwhelmingly sedentary/indoor life should take 10% off the total. Animals that are active and live outside should add 30-45% to the basic. And dogs that are working hard (sheep dogs, etc.) should add 50-60% to the basic).

Those figures should work well May to September. But adusting for climate, animals that live mostly outdoors in Britain may need up to double the above guidelines during winter.

It's also important to look at your animal as an individual. Some animals have naturally faster or slower metabolisms, so may need a bit more or less than the guidelines suggest.

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