Are Lizards Bad For Cats To Eat?


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I am caring for a 5 week old kitty. I foolishly gave her 1/2 & 1/2 thinking she was a tiny little baby & that was a big mistake. She got the runs and didn't eat for two days.  Since she is a feral kitten she didn't recognise commercial cat foor and as a last hope, since I live in S. Florida, I caught a small lizard and tossed it to her.  She immediately sprang into action and started growling and grabbed it by the head and crunched it! She dropped it, looked around with a very satisfied look and, for the first time in about 50 hours ate!  Since then I have been giving her a couple lizards a day & it has saved her life.  It was all I could get her to eat.  Her excrement has returned to normal and I am not trying to wean her off lizards and she is starting to eat store bought cat food.  I know she would have died because she was about 4 weeks when I got her.  Hopefully I can get her switched to a healthy commercial cat food quickly, but little lizards and geko's did save her life!
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When you say lizard, I guess you mean a salamander or something along those lines(unless you live in the Southwest). No, it's not good for the cats digestion and may give it the runs, but it's like eating a bird or a mouse. The real danger from those two are transferable diseases and bones getting stuck in digetive tract,=. But most lizards do not have hard skektons, especially aquatic type. Just watch cat for next 24 hours. If it really is disagreable to the cat, it could throw it back up if it can't digest it.
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I live in southern Mississippi and we have little grey or green lizards. My cat eats them all the time. He also eats mice, rats, toads, baby bunnies, and birds. I've never had any problems with his diet... Except when he decides to bring them inside the house.
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Our veterinarian said lizards are not bad for cats to eat; but baby rabbits will make them sick.
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Thank You for all your answers, my cat seems fine, just had heard eating lizzards were bad for cats. My cat seems more wild since hunting lizzards, seems all she wants to do.
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Are the small lizards in SW Floridadangerous to cats? My catwas justplaying with one & all the sudden I hear himscreaming n it looked likethe lizard wasbiting my catstongue and wouldn't let go.Iread another question where a man said their harmless unless in SW florida which iswhere im at,why sw florida?

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I would contact a vet as a lot of amphibians and reptile can be venomous. Even if not venomous they can make your cat a bit under the weather for a while, either way contact your vet ASAP. 
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It depends on whether it was your pet lizard. Lizards are pretty tasty.

Instinct and/or trial-and-error will inform the cat about what is and is not good to eat.

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