How Do I Know What Type Of Duck I Have?


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If you have recently bought or found a duck, it is important for you to find out just what kind of duck it is, as some species cannot be kept by private citizens in some states and you could face a fine or jail time for having a prohibited species.

There are a wide variety of ducks in the animal kingdom today and here are some pointers to help you to determine what you have. Goldeneye ducks are named because of their yellow eyes and big round heads. They nest in trees and have sharp black and white plumage. Diving sucks are agile swimmers that can dive several feet below the surface of the water on the hunt for fish and aquatic plants. They include the redhead and rosybill ducks.

The Merganser duck is known for a slim body and their narrow, serrated, hooked bills. These are the only species of ducks that regularly eat a large diet of fish and their bills are made to make them successful hunters. Some of the species that belong to this order are the hooded, common, and red-breasted merganser.

Perching ducks can be easily spotted thanks to the claws that are present on their webbed feet. They can be found perching in trees along waterways and some of the ducks that fall into this category are pink-eared ducks, wood, and Mandarin ducks. 

Sea ducks are named because of their fondness for coastal habitats though they can be found further inland on some occasions. These birds are much bulkier than a normal duck and they have special glands that allow them to swim in salt water with no ill effects.

Many ducks do not make good pets, so if you have any questions on what you have it's best to ask your local veterinarian. They are especially poor pets if you do not have a pond for them to swim in on a regular basis.
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My ducklings are yellow with pin beaks and are about 30cm tall what type of duck could they be
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There are several breeds of standard ducks.Depends on the color, size.You could possibly have a mix breed.A little more info about your duck would help.

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