What Type Of Climate Do Ducks Live In?


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Ducks are aquatic birds, found in fresh water and sometimes in sea water. They also reside in artificial lakes and ponds. The ponds are generally shallow, so that ducks can reach to the underground of the pond for food. The University Park at Oxford in England was constructed in 1925 for the ducks to swim. It is a beautiful round shaped pond ornamented with lilies.
Ducks belong to the Anatidae family of birds and have several subfamilies.
They have a wide flat beak and are relatively smaller than swans and geese and generally thrive on grasses, fishes, aquatic insects and plants.
Ducks have special pores on top of their beaks known as lamellae which help them to filter water from the beaks and then swallow the food.
They are found in Australia, Africa, England and many other places in the world.

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