How Long Does It Take A Duck To Lay An Egg After It Has Been Fertilised?


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Most ducks lay eggs on an almost weekly basis in some cases. Eggs that have been fertilized are eggs that can hatch into ducklings.

A duck is a well known and common name for a species of birds known as the Anatidae family. Ducks are divided into several sub-species within the Anatidae species but they are not to be confused with swans and geese which are each part of another bird species.

Most ducks have bodies that are long and broad and most have relatively long necks. The bill of a duck is most often broad and contains serrated lamellae. In the case of ducks that fish for food the bill is even longer and more serrated. They have scaled legs that are well developed and strong and set far back on the body. The wings on a duck tend to be short but strong which requires them to flap their wings frequently while in flight which causes them to spend a great deal of energy while in flight.

Most ducks moult on an annual basis and many of them are unable to fly during this period. When this happens a duck will seek out a safe habitat that is abundant in food. Moulting often precedes a migration as well. 

Ducks eat a wide variety of food such as fish, plants, insects, and worms. Some ducks such as diving ducks and sea duck can forge deep underwater in search of prey as they are heavier than average ducks. Other ducks such as dabbling ducks feed on the surface of the water or on land.

Ducks are also prey for a number of large fish and crocodiles and alligators, particularly when they are molting and cannot fly. Ducks also stay with only one mate though this union in most cases will only last one year.
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Ducks are monogamous. It means that they have one mate only. A duck can lay up to 200 eggs per year.  Egg can be produced by duck and certain time regardless of fertilization. If the egg is due on the next day then she will lay egg whether fertilized by male or not. If you separate male from her, she can continue to lay fertilized eggs for many days. So fertilization is the normal process for the reproduction and egg laying in birds can be fertilized or unfertilized. If your male duck has fertilized your female today, then she can continue to lay fertilized eggs for many days due to this mating.
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Ducks are not monogamous. My males are intrested in all the females. Mating season was intresting .. Definately not monogamous.
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I'm guessing about a month or 2

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