How To Help The Endangered Green Sea Turtles?


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The major identified threat to the endangered green sea turtle includes a total annihilation of the species and destructive alteration of nesting and foraging habitats. The other implications that threaten their well being and existence includes capture on account of the activities within commercial and recreational fisheries, entanglement in marine debris and shipping vessel strikes.

In order to reduce the incidental capture of sea turtles, there are certain enacted regulations and guidelines that conservationists should ideally be aware of. They include:
1) Restriction on certain commercial fishing gears like gillnets, long lines, pound nets and trawls.
2) Effectively addressing all threats to the green sea turtles and other marine turtles via the developed recovery plans in place that direct research and management efforts for each sea turtle species.
3) Multi-lateral cooperation and agreements of various governing authorities, to ensure the survival of the migratory species.
4) Following the broad national and international programs designed for the conservation and recovery of marine turtles.

There are a number of dedicated online and offline resources that are effectively addressing the issue. Some of the organizations recognized worldwide include the Indian Ocean South East Asian Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding or the IOSEA. The programs are designed to facilitate the global conservation and recovery of sea turtles.
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There are million of species found at different places in wild life living at their own of nature has to protect them. But being apart of that environment we should protect them as well. There are thousands of species around the world but as you have asked about green sea turtle as these species not only need special measures and extra protection in order to survive, they also serve as umbrella specie, helps numerous other species of their same class.
As turtles consider being prehistoric creatures lived 1000 of years traveling around the sea shores and still alive. They crawled on the bay of the seashores, so the threats like, hunting for meat, egg shells habitat destructions, pollution on the beaches, boat strikes, and presence of oil wiped out incidentally catching through fishing entire turtle population. There are some steps that we can take to protect these species.
We should reduce over-exploitation of turtles for meat, eggs and shells because of hunting and illegal trade.
Try to work with agencies who are working on conservation of marine life who will talk to fishing folk to reduce incidental catch through fishing.
Take precautionary steps to protect the area by nesting near to their habitants and should communicate the people near by living in these areas to protect the nest and species from public and hunters.
The best way is to cooperate with marine life reservoirs in order to understand about the habitants, their genetics and migration periods and the most imortant clean beaches from garbage left by the public.WWf is doing a lot to save this creatures
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We should start recycling.stop killing them for food-turtle soup,jewellery
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You could help them by stop pollution and stop littering because they could eat the bag and get sick and die.
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Green turtles are soo pretty.! =D thats why I luv findin nemo, I hav a turtle &nd his name is crash,!frikn awsome he wlks on my stomache >.< its so sad to hear all of this endangered things, humans are awful, we destroy evrything. Stop polluting ppl,trash cans are usually in evry street corner.ugh tlk about lazyy.

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