What Is The Only Mammal That Can Not Swim?


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  Most baby mammals can't swim. But assuming you only mean non-disabled adults.More than one species of mammal cannot swim.

  Orangatangs for instance. They simply don't have enough body fat, and their centre of gravity is too high in the bodies. They sink if they try. Same is true of Gorillas.Some chimpanzees can swim, but they usually hate it and have very low body fat, too. So it's almost an individual thing with them; in general, you would say that chimpanzees can't swim. Ditto for some species of monkeys.

  Most armadillos appear to be unable to swim; unusually, the long-nosed armadillo of South America can swim fairly well.

  Giraffes can't swim, either. You can imagine why they just never developed the ability, or lost any ability they ever had.Interestingly, most big whales don't seem capable of swimming backwards.Most other mammlas can swim, although reluctantly and badly in many cases. Hamsters, Sloths, Koalas, All types of Cats, Kangaroos, Camels, most monkey species all come under the "reluctant but can do it" category.

  Weirdly enough, rats are supposed to be good swimmers. But my pet rats hate it!
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Who could know if giraffes can swim? First of all, with their head @ two stories high, when would they need to? Secondlly, they are fearful of unfirm ground as they can easily die from falling & not being able to stand back up. The bottom of the shallows would be too muddy and slick to dare crossing them to reach deeper waters they could swim in. No giraffe would dare it. One would have to throw him in to see if he could swim. Weighing in at 3-4 thousand pounds, how exactly would one do that?
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Leopards, lions, tigers, cheetahs, cat family
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Cats do in fact swim. Tigers are known to be particular to hunting in wet conditions where their power is an advantage. Lions to use water when they can, to their advantage. Almost all cats swim fairly well.
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Kangaroos can swim, and have been known to indulge in water play. There are many instances where kangaroos have been observed swimming to offshore islands, particularly in southern Australia.
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Sloths can swim quite well.... They can move much faster in the water than in the trees
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Hippopotami don't swim either - they walk under the water - we just see them in the shallows.

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