My Pomeranian Is Going Through Here Puppy Uglies. Does Anyone Recommend Any Certain Kind Of Soap. Her Hair Is Falling Out Fast. She Is Still Cute?


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Before doing any thing for hair loss in your dog, first of all cause of the hair loss should be investigated. There are many causes of hair loss in dogs and only vets can fine proper cause and can recommend any medicine. Following are general causes of hair loss in dogs.
  1. Ringworm infection
  2. Bacterial skin infection
  3. Flea allergy
  4. Lice infestation
  5. Mange
  6. Food allergy
  7. Allergy to pollens, molds and pollutants
  8. Hormonal imbalance
  9. Autoimmune skin diseases
  10. Cushing's disease
So, take your dog to vet.

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