Can Dog Urine In The Home Make You Sick?


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Can dog urine in your home make you sick?
Yes, it certainly can. Even healthy pets will have foul-smelling urine which could be detrimental to your health, and could cause the cultivation of harmful bacteria in your home.

It can be very unhealthy for a person to be constantly exposed to the smell of dog urine.

  • Dog urine smells foul and this is because of the ammonia present in it. Ammonia is an irritant to the lungs and, in large amounts, will make you feel ill.
  • The ammonia present in dog urine is especially dangerous to children. This is because their respiratory system is still developing, and is therefore more vulnerable to infection.
  • Unless dog urine is thoroughly removed and cleaned from a carpet or other surface, this place will become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. This can cause you to pick up an infection.
  • Dog urine can also carry disease which can easily be transferred to humans, and constant exposure to the odor of dog urine will not do a person's mental health any good either.
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Darren Perkins answered
Yes, it absolutely can make you sick. It depends upon how heavily saturated the carpet and padding is with urine. I lived in a house with a room mate whose two weiner dogs peed all over the carpet. The smell was nauseating and I developed severe pruritis that I had to take medication to control. After moving out the itching stopped, but it was a sickening ordeal.

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