How Can I Find Reproductive Organs Of Earthworm?


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Earthworm is a hermaphrodite organism which means it has both male and female sex organs in the same body. In colleges, the study of the earthworm and its internal parts are a part of Zoology.

The dissection of earthworm from the dorsal side can expose the internal part of the earthworm. The dissection should be done on a tray laden with wax and filled with water. The earthworm should be a dead specimen. Dissect slowly from the middle area of the earthworm's body towards the 4th segment. The segments 6, 7, 8, and 9 are known to show presence of spermatheacae which contains the sperms of the other earthworm with which it reproduces. The 10th and 11th segment contains 2 pairs of testes.

Testes show presence of supermatogonia. Below the testis it shows presence of seminal vesicles. The 13th segment shows presence of a pair of ovary from which the oviducts arises which leads into the prostate glands which is present in pairs which is located between the 17th and the 21st segment. Accessory glands are also present near the prostrate glands.

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