Define The Structure Of A Leech?


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There are many different types of leeches that are seen all over the world. All leeches in the world are hermaphrodites which means they have reproductive organs of both male and female which is very much as same as an earthworm.

Some leeches have the jaw and teeth protruding out of the mouth of the leech while in some cases it is hidden or unseen. The leech is a very slimy creature which does not have any kinds of bones in its body. The internal mechanism of the leech mainly comprises of water and it has the ability to get as half as its size and curl up itself if it senses danger of any sort.

There are many different sizes of leeches as well. Some are quite tiny and small like an earthworm while others are quite huge and fat just like some arthropods.
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Most of the leeches are fresh water, some are marine, few are totally terrestrial. Leeches pray on small invertebrates or on body fluids of animals. Leeches lack Para podia and head. Setae are absent in some leaches. In few species it is present only on anterior segments.
Leeches are flattened and tapering anteriorly.
Body of the leach is segmented. They have 34 segments but segments are difficult to distinguish because they are further divided into other segments. Anterior and last segments are changed into suckers.
Modification of the leech body wall musculature helps in locomotion. Muscles are complex. A layer of oblique muscles is between the circular and longitudinal muscle layer is present.
Leech body cavity has lost partition. Septa are also lost. Inter connective sinuses are present.
Most of the leeches feed on body fluids of vertebrates so they are parasite. Leech attaches its body with sucker to the host body. Salivary glands secrete an anti coagulant substance called hirudin. Behind mouth a muscular pharynx is present. Its digestive tract ends into small intestine which leads to anus.

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