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The fox is distantly related to wolves, coyotes, and dogs which are all in the canid family or Family Canidae.  There are 27 discreet species of fox none of which can be or should attempt to be tamed despite their attractive and often beguiling appearance.  Foxes are not dogs, despite their inclusion in Family Canidae and therefore cannot breed with dogs.

Unlike other canid species, foxes have a strong odour comparable to a skunk or ferret.  This smell usually discourages people from desiring them as pets because the pungent smell can quickly fill a house and is almost impossible to eliminate making them far more smelly than a dirty dog or cat.  In the wild, however, this smell works as a defense mechanism against bears and large cats as well as humans who might otherwise venture too close to them or their dens for comfort.  Foxes are rather small and slight – weighting under 6.8 kg (15 lbs) – and therefore depend on their quick wits and foul smell more than a larger animal might have to.

Foxes are quite solitary animals that do no hunt or live in packs like other dog-like animals.  The fox will establish its own habitat most of the time, however sometimes a fox pair will mate and then remain monogamous and live together.  Usually female foxes, called vixens, will permit males to enter their territory only for mating, birth, and the initial raising of their kits.  After this period, foxes will generally go their separate ways and live alone.

The fox is an omnivorous creature that eats meat as their primary source of food.  Rodents are a common staple of the fox’s diet and they will also include fruit and nuts when they are available.  This diet means that foxes can often be found in urban environments including large parks in the middle of cities such as Central Park in New York. 

Despite their ability to thrive in an urban park, foxes prefer to avoid humans if at all possible.  This means that they are of little threat to companion animals – although in rare circumstances they have been known to kill an vulnerable puppy or kitten – and they will do their utmost to avoid the company of children.  Unfortunately the greatest concern of foxes living in urban areas is their ability to contract and spread rabies.  In fact, the only time a fox will readily approach a human is if it has contracted rabies so this uncharacteristic behaviour should be reported to an animal control agency.

Foxes live on most continents and can live for 8 – 10 years with one litter of up to five pups a year.

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A fox basically is an expression used for any one of the nearly 27 species of modest to average sized omnivorous canids that have sharp features and a tail which looks like a brush.

The animal which is generally addressed as a fox in the Western world is the Red Fox, while diverse species are located on nearly all the continents. The existence of fox-like carnivores all across the world has led to their emergence in the trendy society and also in myths of many countries, tribes, and additional cultural groups. Nearly all the male foxes are addressed as dogs, tods, vixes, or reynards, where as the female foxes are known as vixens, and their young ones are known as kits or cubs and at times even pups.

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