What If My Kitten Won't Poop?


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If kittens are only being fed liquids (like feeding from the mother) they may not have any need to poop yet.
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How old is the kitten? If it's younger than 6 weeks or so then you need to gently wipe the kittens bum with a warm moist wash cloth.
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Try a warm (not too warm and not cold) wash rag on its butt.  Mother cats sometimes lick their kittens to stimulate them so they go to the bathroom. Make sure it gets water. I found a kitten that was really dehydrated and she didn't poop right away and when she did they were like rocks, the more water she drank the more normal and regular she became.

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I don't know if my kitten is pooping because I'm bottle feeding her
please help me she is 2 weeks today

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