What Was The Purpose Of Dinosaurs?


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Dinosaurs didn’t have a purpose any more than any other creature does! Like birds, and bears, and even humans, the dinosaurs' main aim would just have been to live as long as possible and to reproduce.

As a dinosaur, everyday life would have revolved around hunting (or find a tasty tree), and avoiding hunters. There were some pretty big dinosaurs back in the day, and some of them would be looking for lunch.

Mating would also have been important (there probably wasn’t much else to do, either – I don’t think dinosaurs had much in the form of entertainment) and so a lot of time would have been spent finding a mate to continue the species with. From the amount of time that dinosaurs were around for, they must have done pretty well!

Nesting would also have been important to female dinosaurs, as they’d have needed a safe place to lay their eggs. I expect the females would also have had to raise their young.
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Will Martin answered
The purpose of dinosaurs was probably the same as that of every other living creature - to stay alive as long as possible, get enough to eat and reproduce.

It's odd that we use the word "dinosaur" to describe something that is old-fashioned or doesn't work any more. Because dinosaurs are no longer here, we tend to think of them as some kind of evolutionary mistake or experiment. But these animals lived, and ruled the earth, for well over 160 million years. Modern humans are not even 1 million years old - more like 130, 000. We didn't even start reading and writing until about 6,000 years ago.

So we have to say that, whatever the dinosaurs were doing on earth, they lasted a lot longer than we have yet!

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