Are Bulls Colour-blind?


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Yes bulls are colour blind. Since the seventeenth century fighting bulls have been bred on bull ranches. The animals go through several selection processes during their first three years, in which only those with the best stamina, courage, physical appearance, and coloration are selected for eventual combat.

Bulls never receive realistic training in preparation for combat. This is because they must, for symbolic reasons, be virginal regarding actual fighting experience. Also, because of their excellent memory, experienced bulls would be apt to develop tricky tactics rather than react just on the basis of raw courage and instinct as is expected.

Like all other cattle, fighting bulls are colour blind. The myth that a bull can see the colour red, is just that, a myth. Despite most bull-fighters using a red cape to attract the bull, the fact is that they could use a multi-coloured cape and the bull would still charge at them. The bull is only attracted to the movement of the cape, not the actual colour of it.
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They can't see red at all they are colour blind you think they see red cause it is tradition for using a red cape
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Bulls are colour blind
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If they were color blind could they see red and we know they can see red.

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