What Should One Give A Dog With Allergies?


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A high quality food usually works wonders. It's not a quick fix and takes some time. I feed Innova and there are others if it's not near you. You don't want a lot of chemicals, fillers, preservatives, corn ect. Dogfoodanalysis may be a good place to begin to search as well as asking others what they feed and why. All natural oatmeal baths at the groomer can help and if there's still some issues then you can talk to your vet about trying some children's benedryl at times when it's really bad.
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One of the most effective ways to cure a dog of its allergies is the Dinovite® Canine Supplement. It is a registered product which consists of five different ingredients. The five ingredients which make up the Dinovite® Canine Supplement work for the purpose of combating the substances which are likely to trigger off the allergic reactions in dogs.

The Dinovite® Canine Supplement has digestive enzymes which help to break down the substances which are difficult to digest, montmorillonite clay which helps to draw out the toxins, to provide the trace minerals and to create an environment which is not conducive for bad protozoa, live bacterial cultures which help in the process of digestion and help to create an environment which is not conducive for bad bacteria, yucca which helps to absorb excess toxins and create an environment which is conducive for good bacteria (it also works as an anti-inflammatory) and alfalfa which helps to draw out toxins and to cleanse the blood.
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What kind of allergies does your have? One of the best foods for a dog with any kind of allergies is a Lamb and Rice Formula dog food. I had great success with this when I found out that my dog had sensitive skin as well as food allergies which would cause ear infections.

Please note that I spent good money after bad going to local vets because of skin rashes and ear infections. I live near Boston and finally went to Angell Animal Hospital which is one of the best in the country. After about a month of feeding my dog the Lamb and Rice Formula he never had another skin rash and only experienced some ear irritation if I let him go swimming.

Good Luck!
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The vet gave my dog RX for scooting ,biting at feet. It didnt work and changed it again.I aM tired and my dog is going crazy-please help.

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