My Dog Had Diarrhea Today 3-4 Times And One Hour Later Is Squirting Blood From The Rectum. He Had Pork Chops Last Night. Could It Be That?


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If you change any dogs diet to quickly yes they will have upset tummies. Never change a dogs diet to quickly. Was the pork shops cooked? Or Raw. Always feed a dog a balanced meal. Hills and Eukunuba is the best on the market in my opinion. Some people believe in raw foods but it is to difficult to estimate what correct nutrition the certain dog breed needs when you give them cooked meals.
Eukunaba states that it will never put ingredients in their dog pellets that a human can not consume.

So a balanced diet for your pup will be best bet to prevent any future diseases as well.
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If you gave him cooked bones they may have splintered. I hope he is better now, please let us know.
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I feed my dogs raw food all of the time. Do you think they always had humans to cook and prepare their food for them. They can eat any meat raw, but did you know just about every meat a dog can eat cooked, can and will have adverse effects on him. The bones in Fish, chicken (other fowl), and pork can splinter if the meat is cooked and can cause lasserations in the digestional track. Further more cooked Pork can cause a dogs kidneys to fail. I would never reckamend a person to buy a Market food like Iams, Pedigree, or Science Diet. There is no regulations on the quality of the food whether you buy the exspensive brans like Science Diet or the cheaper brands like Alpo. I personally feed my dogs a balanced well planned meal the has raw grains (oats, alphalpha, barley, brown rice), then I mix some fruit (usaully berries or melon) CAUTION never give a dog grapes or rubarb for they are poisonous to dogs, and vegables (carrots, green leafs like spinache, collards, and dark leaffed lettuce, and sweet potatoes or yams) CAUTION never give a dog raw potatoes-----sweet potatoes are fine, but brown, yellow, red can cause live or kidney failure. I also use a lot of eggs. In the wild smaller canines eat eggs to stay alive. These can be snake, birds, or other egg laying animals. Sometimes I will blend the food with a processor. Sometimes I give it simi-whole.

I hope this helps every one!

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